January/February Blogroll

| February 26, 2011

Georgia DeFalco

My Philosophy of Music Education: Georgia shares her current challenges and rewards from her work teaching high school music education.
Getting To It: An update now that the semester is a little more under way.

Justine Dolorfino

Popular Music in the Early Childhood/Elementary Classroom: Justine posits a question, solicits answers, and shares ideas.
Digital Technology as Status Symbols: A closer look, inspired by Veblen’s theories of conspicuous consumption and the leisure class, at how smartphones can define one’s status.
Announcing Leading Notes: A new music education online magazine catering to today’s educator. A basic shameless plug.
“Technology Matters” – Questions For the Music Educator: A reaction to the text by David E. Nye regarding the role of music instruments and technology in the classroom.

Joe Fusca

It’s Been Quite the Journey: Joe discusses how he wound up being interested in music education.
Ducks In A Row: Maybe sometimes the best way to learn is through experience.
Changing Music Education with iOS: What advantages come along with using iDevices in music education? Also, Joe wants an iPad.

Dewey Golkin

Incorporating Videogames into Music Education: Dewey discusses incorporating video game music into the classroom.
The New and the Old in Music: An argument for incorporating the music kids listen to in the classroom.
The MTA Is Good For A Change: A brief salute to subway buskers.
The iPad and Curriculum: What is the role of the iPad in the classroom?
Is it Reasonable…: Some of the pros and cons of using software like Reason in your curriculum.

Eric Hunter

My First GarageBand Project: Eric shares his first project for listening.
New Transcription: Eric shares his first piano-playing YouTube video from his students’ recital.

Randy Ibarra

Music Technology in Philippine Educational Setting: Randy discusses the practical questions inherent in incorporating technology in a non-US setting.

Chris Inniss

Music Education and Creativity: Chris mulls over the question of ‘creativity’ and whether it means the same thing at all times and in all places.
YouTube in School: A few thoughts on the role of YouTube in today’s education, inspired by the Super Bowl.

Yoonjean Lee

My Music Education: Yoonjean shares some pictures and her philosophy of music education.

Brigid Moran

Music Education and Technology: Brigid describes some ways technology can be used in the music education classroom.