April/May Blogroll

| May 10, 2011

Tim Beadle

A View from the Summit: Tim uses a metaphor to ask questions about the difference between playing an electronic instrument and a traditional instrument.
Musical Ownership: Can you truly own a piece of music?
Pro Tools in a classroom?: Tim is excited to start using this, though it can be somewhat daunting.
Met My Match in Pro Tools: Tim describes his learning process with this software.
Ride to the Farm: Tim looks at music education in a rural setting.
Reason Experiment: Tim’s Reason project, as well as some reflections on the program itself.
Ableton Live Project!: Tim’s Ableton Live project.
Web 2.0 Project: Tim’s project consists of a Facebook page and a wordpress blog.
No Longer a Standard of Excellence: Tim reviews the “Tradition of Excellence” method books.
ProTools Project: Tim’s ProTools project, as well as some reflections about how he could use it in a classroom setting.

Justine Dolorfino

Social Media Detox: Justine writes about her experiences going social media-free and questions how educators can teach their students to use these tools responsibly.
Announcing the Leading Notes Summer 2011 Issue: Justine shamelessly plugs the next issue of Leading Notes and encourages everyone to submit something with the theme “Connections”!
Operation Job Hunt, 2011: Where Do We Go Now?: Justine panics about not having a job quite yet (though it’s very early) and tries to look at where the field is going, exactly.
Losing Control of your Digital Footprint: What happens when people publish erroneous information about you on the internet? Bad things. Or sometimes, maybe, nothing.
Questioning My Creativity with Reason and Pro Tools: Justine’s Reason and Pro Tools project, along with a realization that composition/creativity was missing from her music education experience all along.

Dewey Golkin

Education Technology: Dewey marvels at how things have changed in the field of education and wonders what it will look like in the future.
iPad 2!!!!: Dewey is very excited about his new iPad and what it can do to change education.
Most Interesting Thing: Dewey shares his thoughts about how to get the best out of tools like Reason, Ableton Live, and Pro Tools.

Eric Hunter

The Value of Notation…?: Eric talks about the complications inherent in teaching traditional musical notation in today’s society and wonders about the benefits to doing so.
A Rationale for Technology in Music Education: Eric shares his ideas regarding why he believes technology is important in this field.

Randy Ibarra

Ableton Live: Its Implications to Modern Age: Randy reflects on an article by Backstrom and Negretto (2009) about Ableton Live and its usage in live improvisation.

Chris Inniss

Computers!: Chris discusses how he believes music technologies are tools that are highly useful for music education.
Truly Committed… Even on Bad Days…: Chris emphasizes the importance of always being committed to teaching.
Let’s Dance!: Chris reflects on his first experiences with Abeleton Live and compares them to how a student might feel when engaging in creativity in the classroom.
Good Form, My Boy, Good Form!: Chris reflects on Reason, paying close attention to how it could be used to facilitate the teaching of song form.
You Are Very Brave: Chris remembers the courage needed to play in front of others and how it is important to encourage kids to not be afraid to make mistakes.
Mother’s Day Music: Chris ponders the influences parents’ musical preferences can have on their children.

Brigid Moran

Creating an Educated Audience: Brigid emphasizes the importance of teaching students how to get the most out of a live performance.
Ableton Live Project: Brigid’s project, along with her reflections about using the program.
Social Networking and Our Students: Brigid discusses her thoughts about social networking and whether you should friend your students.
Reflecting on Two Years at Teachers College: Brigid reflects on how her time at TC has shaped the way she wants to teach.
Learning a New Instrument: Brigid is better able to relate to her students after learning how to play the clarinet.